eBay Down Under – Australia on the Rise

Local Knowledge Recently I've been working quite a bit with publishers promoting eBay.com.au and have noticed some interesting things, especially with the launch of QCP, Quality Click Pricing. One aspect of the program I discovered, and not to my surprise, is that Aussies know Aussies best. While many of the top performing large volume publishers for eBay.com.au are located outside of Australia, some of the strongest EPCs and other metrics are actually coming from publishers local to Australia. With the recent migration to QCP, many of these local publishers are seeing a considerable lift over their previous earnings.

Opportunities for International Publishers

For international publishers thinking of promoting eBay.com.au, are you already geo targeting any of your eBay traffic? eBay.com.au is one of the largest eBay sites, and depending on your business model, there’s a chance your sites are already receiving at least some traffic from Australia. This is especially true for those sites that are in English. Australia also has a similar holiday shopping season as North America and Europe, and many of the top product verticals like video games and women's fashion are the same on the Australian site. All of these factors combined make marketing eBay.com.au an easy addition for many international publishers.

eBay Australia Insights

eBay.com.au remains a leader in the online shopping space in Australia and according Nielsen Net Ratings, eBay is Australia’s leading online marketplace with 5.35 million unique visitors in June 2009 alone. Since eBay’s launch in Australia 10 years ago, over 173 million items have been bought on eBay.com.au, providing a primary or secondary source of income for over 50,0000 Australians. Combine eBay.com.au with the eBay Partner Network and you’ve got potentially the largest affiliate program in Australia, covering almost every merchandise vertical imaginable and offering a competitive payout.

An additional benefit of marketing eBay Australia is that publishers can offer Australian residents a global marketplace. When an international eBay seller offers shipping to Australia, these items are also listed on eBay.com.au, offering Australian users the opportunity to purchase hard to find electronics, clothing, collectibles and more from around the globe. eBay Australia is also filled with a wide variety of locally related products like NRL, AFL and Rugby Union gear.

So What’s The Big Deal?

eBay Australia recently launched “The Big Deal”, which is the same concept as the “Daily Deal” in the US, the "Daily Deals" in the UK and "Wow! Angebote" in Germany, where eBay Power Sellers work out exclusive rock bottom pricing and free shipping for certain items. There are five different sizes of dynamically updating Big Deal banners in the ePN interface, as well as an XML feed, like the US program’s XML. The Big Deal banners for Australia are available in sizes 120x600, 468x60, 160x600, 728x90 & 300x250.

If you’ve got any questions regarding the eBay.com.au side of the eBay Partner Network, or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact me here. Affiliates-Program-au@ebay.com

- Mike Kansa / eBay Partner Network