Massive GPS and HD TV Sale until October 26th

eBay Power Sellers eCost and Beach Camera just kicked off a massive liquidation on TVs and GPS systems and have offered up excellent deals on new and refurbished units from now until October 26th. To see the full list of products, check out this deal file. All of these electronics are offered with Free Shipping and are well below retail, with a Garmin 850 taking the win and coming in at 73% off MSRP. One of the best deals available anywhere on a new HD TV is this Toshiba 26" HD LCD TV, for only $299!

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We’re planning on launching many more of these promotions during this holiday season, so keep an eye on the eBay Partner Network blog for updates over the coming weeks. Please note this specific promotion only applies to the US program.

- The eBay Partner Network Team