Quality Click Pricing launches today

Hi all, From today, 1st October, we are excited to announce that all publishers will be paid under the Quality Click Pricing (QCP) payout structure for all eBay programs. This does not apply to Half.com or to loyalty and cash back publishers, who will remain on the existing CPA payment structure.

Please also note a few more things:

The EPC Preview Report will stop updating with new data today Oct 1st. However, the EPC Preview Reports for August and September will be available through the interface until November 1st. If you would like to keep the data past that date, you can export the data to Excel and save it to your computer at any time.

  • ACRU Campaign Quality Scores for the US will not be updated after today for all publishers moving to QCP. Past reports will be available in the interface for two months after they were generated.
  • Starting today, publishers will need to link eBay usernames with their ePN account to post on the eBay Partner Network boards. More information on how to do this is in this blog post.

How can I find out more about Quality Click Pricing and the Preview Report?

The eBay Partner Network team