New Reporting Features Coming November 11th

Hello Partners, We are rolling out new reporting features on November 11th, and we want to make you aware of the new functionality.  

By Month

You will now have the ability to run reports ‘By Month’ in addition to the current options.  The ‘By Month’ report is similar to the ‘By Day’ report, but summarizes and graphs your metrics by month.  You must choose a date range and can optionally filter your results for a single campaign, tool and/or program.  The graph for the ‘By Month’ report will plot data for each month in the date range you selected. You can also change the graph to display daily data for an individual month by selecting that month in the report.

How to run a ‘By Month’ report: Once you are logged-in to the eBay Partner Network dashboard, go to the ’Run Report’ tab and select ‘By Month’ as the Report Type.  Then select criteria from the following filters and click the ‘Run Report’ button:

  • Date Range
  • Program
  • Campaign Name/ID
  • Tool Category
  • Tool Name or ID ( pre-populated when selected)

Transaction Download Report

Please note that under the Quality Click Pricing payment structure, when running Transaction Download Reports manually you will need to run the ‘Download all events’ option in order to access your report.  This option will now be the selected by default.  Note that the report content has not changed and that there will be no impact to publishers that automatically retrieve this report via the ePN API.   When accessing the report via the ePN API you will need to continue specifying ‘Download all Events’ in order to access your report. 

Click Filtering (on-going enhancements)

We have had a few reports that some of our affiliates have been experiencing issues with bots inflating their click numbers.  We have been working on a few additional click filtering rules to continue to improve our capabilities in this area and ensure click counts in ePN are an accurate representation of valid clicks.  We will continue to roll these out in the coming weeks.  

We continue to try and improve the tools and reporting that is available for our partners.  If you have thoughts or suggestions, please send them to  While we may not be able to respond to all suggestions personally, we value your input greatly.

To your continued success,

The eBay Partner Network Team