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world-of-good-300x160 Now you can realize even more revenue from the eBay Partner Network when you add by eBay to your marketing mix. now offers multiple ways to include to your marketing mix, including new flash banners pulling live products, widgets, and Findings API support. The flash banners reflect a unique look-and-feel designed to appeal to socially conscious buyers who want unique artisan products that align with their values and interests. eBay charges sellers standard seller fees and commissions on items, so affiliates can make as much money with these as with regular items for sale on eBay. Best of all, because the market is highly targeted to a socially conscious audience, conversion rates can often be even better – which means a potentially strong revenue stream for you!

Here are some particularly interesting facts about this opportunity:

• provides a sustainable shopping experience. The site surfaces unique item attributes such as Goodprint, Trustology, and producer photos and stories, building an emotional connection and credibility with the user. • The marketplace targets the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) segment, a US marketplace that’s at $227 billion and growing fast. • More than 200 unique sellers, each verified by one or more respected, independent Trust Provider organizations, sell on • The site features thousands of ethically sourced, Fair Trade, and eco-friendly products showcasing artisans and craftspeople from around the world in more than 40 categories, including Jewelry, Art, Home & Garden, and Bags & Purses. • A “shopping cart” (not available on eBay!) enables buyers to purchase multiple items from multiple sellers in a single transaction. This is a great benefit for affiliates - the cart value per transaction could be high. • A robust Community hosts hundreds of discussions, blogs, and articles – sharing the team’s expertise with buyers and sellers, engaging them in the process, and educating them on sustainable shopping.

What’s the program? The program is run by the EPN. The listing fees and final value fees are the same. The revenue share reflects your share of eBay’s actual revenue, not the final sale price of the items purchased. Your earnings are direct deposited into your PayPal account. Your reports will show your activity as a line item, so you’ll be able to view and optimize your campaigns to maximize your potential eBay Partner Network revenue.

With the new Quality Click Pricing model, the size of your site doesn’t matter. The price paid per click on a given day will be published the following day. You’ll be paid for each click that is directed to an eBay site. The price paid per click will be dependent on the quality of the traffic delivered to eBay.

What do I do next? eBay Partner Network and have all the tools you need to run very successful campaigns. And offers its own banner ads that you can upload to your site. You just need to ensure that all your traffic is tracked and that you abide by the terms and conditions.

Get started!

1. Link Generator: This is the same as Select the Custom URL option. Go to, copy the URL, and then paste it in the Custom URL field. Fill the rest of the fields and click Generate Link.

2. Creative: will be publishing new flash creative that will surface live items in the near term. a. 120x600: Tool ID 711-53200-19255-144 b. 160x600: Tool ID 711-53200-19255-141 c. 300x250: Tool ID 711-53200-19255-140 d. 468x60: Tool ID 711-53200-19255-146 e. 728x90: Tool ID 711-53200-19255-142 f. 234x60: Tool ID 711-53200-19255-145 g. 125x125: Tool ID 711-53200-19255-143

3. Widget: Go to and build a custom widget. Earn affiliate revenue by entering your EPN campaign ID.

4. APIs: is supported by the following API’s. Add “ItemFilterType” parameter in request with value of “WorldOfGoodOnly” for the following APIs. a. findItemsByKeywords b. findItemsAdvanced c. findItemsByCategory d. Construct the URL:

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