Murray Newlands' Top Ten Tips for Writing Product Reviews

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Top Ten Tips for writing product reviews on your sites:

1. Know the buyer. It sounds obvious but products are bought by people. Knowing who is going to purchase the product will help you to focus on writing content geared toward them. If the item is going to be bought by a 18 year old girl your review will be quite different then if your buyer is a 50 year old male biker.

2. Enter the buyers' conversation. Once you know your buyer and you are about to write your review, consider the terms your buyer will search for, what questions they will have about the product and how the product will help them. Then tailor your review using keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your blog. Use Google External

3. Be specific. People who start searching for a product look for "red shoes". People who want to buy and are close to making a definite decision are more specific. They know what they want. They will search for "2008 Red Nike Air Trainers size 10 US".

4. Use product numbers. Ever search for a toner cartridge for your HP Laserjet 64p N? If so, you know what I mean. You need to find just the right product and you search using product numbers. The same is true for computer accessories, electronics, gadgets and auto parts among other product categories.

5. Make the writing personal but professional. Writing in your own voice and using your own words helps buyers connect with you. Buyers are more likely to buy from someone they connect with.

6. Take product photos. Photos add authenticity to your review and show the condition of the product.

7. Make a video. More than anything, a video of you demonstrating the product brings it to life. This also adds to the authenticity of the item and increases your trust value to the reader.

8. Be seasonal. Different products sell well at different times of the year. Consider what people are buying and why they are buying before you write your review. Think about holidays, especially gift giving events. Plan your reviews so that buyers have time to get their purchase shipped.

9. Sell related products in the review. A review can cover more than one product. Promoting memory cards when reviewing a digital camera is an example of this. You can include the keywords people use when searching for these two items in one post.

10. Use the brand. eBay is a well known brand for people who buy online. Your review can reflect that eBay is a trusted site where they can find the products they need and want.

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Thank you Murray, The eBay Partner Network Team