10 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Although eBay Partner Network does not allow our partners to directly promote eBay through social media arenas, we want to make sure you know that you can drive traffic to your own website(s) through appropriate social media strategies. Today it is easier, and more important, than ever to implement a few simple social media tactics to increase traffic to your site(s). Why should you build a social media strategy? It’s an easy way to promote your website to as many people as you can – and best of all, it’s free!

1. Add social bookmark links to your most important web pages and/or blog posts.

2. Build relationships by participating in existing social networks.

3. Do you send out regular newsletters? If you don’t already have one, incorporate a blog into your site where your visitors can comment and interact with you.

4. Try adding a series of video or audio podcasts to your site. This is a great way to implement or improve product reviews.

5. Give a Twitter Party a try!

6. Offer an RSS subscription and an e-mail alternative, the more ways that you can distribute your content, the better.

7. Review your inbound links, if you have incoming links from blogs you can build relationship with those bloggers by making relevant comments on their posts.

8. Respond personally to people that follow you through social media. Do not send out auto messages with your sales pitch.

9. Make all of your social media outlets interactive. Encourage people to respond to your messages and respond to other people’s messages as well. You want to be approachable and trustworthy.

10. Tie your blog to your Twitter account so that your blog posts are automatically updated into Twitter, in addition to your unique Tweets.

Always remember, social media is not simply a place to advertise and in fact advertising can be perceived negatively. Instead it’s often better to aim to be a helpful and interesting part of the community to make the most gains for your efforts! Have you implemented a successful social media technique that you would like to share? Feel free to leave a comment!

To your continued success,

Amanda Lucas, Affiliate Program Manager at PartnerCentric