eBay Partner Network wins eConsultancy Innovation Award for Quality Click Pricing

Hi all We’re proud to announce that eBay Partner Network has won the Affiliate Marketing eConsultancy Innovation Award for our introduction of Quality Click Pricing.

It’s great to see that we’ve been recognized for our efforts to better and more fairly reward our best affiliates for the quality traffic they’re driving to eBay. eConsultancy also mentioned our aim to “elevate the quality of traffic driven to eBay sites through (our) affiliate programme,” and this is reflected by the fact that EPCs are on the rise across the network and we’ve seen plenty of publishers that were initially losing make changes to their site and then earn more.

Here’s what the judges had to say: “A fantastic idea from eBay. The Quality Click Pricing is a no-brainer. The decision to reward affiliates based on customer lifetime value and PayPal usage is a highly compelling incentive.”

Thanks to the eConsultancy judges and to all our publishers for making Quality Click Pricing a success!

The eBay Partner Network team