Go Green with Eco-Friendly Products in 2010

With a new year quickly approaching, for many a smart, responsible and admirable New Year’s resolution is to find ways to ‘Go Green’ and become more environmentally friendly in 2010. eBay is passionate about constantly finding ways to be more eco-friendly, and we want to share with you some of the things we’re doing and offer ideas on what you can do to make greener choices and promote eco-friendly products.

The Green Team

Did you know that you can take things that you already own and repurpose them into green items? You can join eBay’s Green Team and get free access to tons of information on how to do just that. You can also learn ways to Buy Green, Sell Green and get inspiration on how to Think Green.

eBay Inc.’s Green Actions

Take a look at some of eBay’s Green initiatives. Since 1998, an estimated $100 billion in goods have been reused, made possible only by the eBay community. eBay is committed to a Green campus, and with Green buildings, energy efficiency, alternative power and more, since 2007 eBay has been a carbon neutral company. In 2009, four of eBay’s buildings won Emerald Awards, which are BOMA’s green/sustainability awards which celebrate high performance, energy efficient buildings.

How You Can Promote Eco-Friendly Products

You can find great information about eBay’s WorldofGood.com in this earlier post. WorldofGood.com even offers an Eco Positive center, where you can find nearly 20,000 products from a wide variety of categories.

New WorldofGood.com Widget

We are very excited to announce our newly launched WorldofGood.com Widget! Once logged-in to your eBay Partner Network account, click on ‘Tools’ and then ‘Widgets’ to access this new widget. Implementing the WorldofGood.com Widget will make your pages more dynamic and rich by displaying beautiful handmade products from around the world.

Let Our Tools Do the Work

With our Tools, you can find sellers on eBay that only offer eco-friendly products and promote them. To easily highlight specific sellers, use our Widgets and API to select individual Seller IDs.

Utilize search terms in our Widgets and API to highlight the precise items that you want to show on your site. For example, enter “eco-friendly diaper bag” or “eco-friendly shoes” and see all of the corresponding items that return.

Finally, use the Link Generator to create links to custom URLs where the products that you want to promote on your site(s) reside.

Our tools offer a large variety of ways to highlight and promote eco-friendly items on eBay, so use them to your advantage.

If you have additional ideas on how to ‘Go Green’ with eBay Partner Network, we welcome you to share them with us!

To your continued success,

Amanda Lucas, Affiliate Program Manager at PartnerCentric