Monetize Your Blog with eBay Partner Network

We know that it takes a lot of effort and creativity to compose unique and insightful articles to build a valuable blog today.  Once you are in a stride and producing quality content on a regular basis, you might be asking yourself how you can finally turn your hard work into revenue.  Whether your blog is entirely focused on one specific niche, or you have a wider variety of topics that you cover, it is crucial that you serve advertisements that are relevant to your content.  Driving traffic

In order to monetize, you must have traffic!  You’ve found yourself at a steady pace producing new persuasive content on your blog on a weekly basis and the next step is to grow your audience.  There are many ways to get eyes on your content, but you want to make sure you’re getting the right eyes for what you have to offer.  Taking the time to learn and implement good search engine optimization tactics is crucial to the longevity of your blog.  In addition to SEO, you can implement search engine marketing strategies to gain appropriate readers.  Perhaps you could become active in related forums and communities, and with meaningful participation you are likely gain additional interest in your own blog content.  Getting active in social media arenas such as Twitter is another great way to attract readers. 

Ensure your advertising is relevant

Now that you have a following, what’s next?  Key to finding success with monetizing your blog is the the relevancy of the products you’re advertising to the content of your site.  For example, if you publish detailed product reviews on the 5 hottest selling gifts this holiday season and then integrate affiliate links to each of those products in the review, that is highly targeted traffic and will likely return good results for you.  If you have great content and are serving up irrelevant ads to your audience, your revenue might be seriously lacking.

It’s important you choose to advertize an appropriate merchant, so with countless affiliate programs out there, what makes eBay Partner Network the right partner for you to achieve your goals of monetizing your blog?  The obvious answer is that eBay is able to fit every single niche imaginable, with products ranging from collectibles to vehicles to jewelry and everything in between.  As you most likely know, eBay is the only place to find most rare or discontinued products.   However, remember the relevancy of your ads is crucial, so in some circumstances promoting a larger number of merchants may serve your readers better, and this has the added benefit of potentially improving your Quality Score when it comes to SEM.

eBay Partner Network offers a number of tools that simplify the process of monetizing your blog, including Custom Banner and our robust API that will allow you to create some more customized integrations.  In order to make sure you’re showcasing the most relevant listings, take time to read James Skelland’s blog post, where he highlights some tips and tricks to help you do this.  In addition, we have geo-targeted tools to increase revenue from your international traffic, and other tools and widgets that will help you find very specific products in your niche to promote. 

Disclose that you are advertising

Finally, please remember that if you are generating revenue by product endorsements or testimonials on your blog, you must disclose that relationship according to the Federal Trade Commission

To your continued success & if you have many more tips on blog monetization, please share them with us! Amanda Lucas, Affiliate Program Manager at PartnerCentric