November 21st site outage makegood

As many of you know, on November 21st eBay had some problems with the search functionality on the eBay sites. This affected some search results to queries on the site, as well as affected a number of affiliates that use the RSS feeds and the API through eBay Partner Network. The issues began around 5am US Pacific Daylight Time on November 21st and were resolved around 10pm US Pacific Daylight Time that same day. We have finalized calculations for a makegood that will use the earnings on the days before and the days after the outage, along with a factor to account for Christmas seasonality, to calculate a makegood to make up for the decrease in affiliate earnings caused by this outage.

This makegood will be added to each account and will be paid out along with the December payment.

Thanks for your patience as we worked to resolve this issue.