Red Hot Deals for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and your visitors can find everything they need to surprise their special someone at eBay! Here are five of the most popular gifts that you can suggest:

  1. The ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift is definitely a beautiful and unique engagement ring! Promote eBay’s new Diamond Ring Designer and let your visitors know that they can design their own customized engagement rings!

  2. For the techie in your life, the latest iPhone or a new Blu-Ray Disc Player might be just right.

  3. For the man or woman in your life that needs a little help with directions, a GPS might be the perfect gift.

  4. Jewelry is always a great idea for Her, and eBay has everything from fine jewelry to handcrafted jewelry to watches to select from.

  5. Health and beauty items always make for a wonderful and thoughtful surprise.

The seasonal creative has been updated to a vibrant Valentine’s Day theme.

Seasonal Banner_VDay

You can find the seasonal banners (US only) in sizes 120×90, 125×125, 120×600, 160×600, 234×60, 300×250, 468×60 & 728×90.

Happy Promoting!

The eBay Partner Network Team