A big welcome to the affilinet team

Hi all, We’re very happy to introduce you to the new members of the affilinet eBay team, who are based in Munich, Germany.  They are supporting the in-house eBay team with account management and recruitment for the German speaking programs of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Here are a few conversation starters if you want to contact them to improve your performance in Germany:

Mareen Richter: Mareen Richter Mareen started in the eBay Team at affilinet in January this year. She originally is from Berlin, but has got used to the mentality of people from Munich over the years! In her spare time Mareen has fun cooking and blogs about those recipes. If you can read German, you should check it out!

Maik Pressler: Maik Pressler Maik loves the Alps, especially for its amazing motorbike routes. He’s also passionate about everything new on the web and all things social media. However, he’s not too keen on his mouse and tries to find a keyboard shortcut for every single action!

Michael Jany:  Michael Jany Michael is originally Bavarian, but doesn’t wear his Lederhosen to work!  Not only can he give you advice on how to best promote  eBay in Germany, he can also recommend the most traditional Bavarian restaurants and beer halls in Munich, so have a chat with him!

Come and meet the entire team at the A4U Europe conference in Munich on the 18th and 19th of May, where you can give them a personal welcome!

Chris, Julia, Mieke, Peter and Paolo

The European eBay Partner Network team