R.O.EYE develop Custom Banner Geo-targeting Solution

Hi all, Here at R.O.EYE, we’ve been looking at ways to allow publishers to add automatic geo-targeting capability to Custom Banner. The tool came about as there are a large number of publishers who are receiving traffic from outside of their primary territory, but are unable to monetise this traffic.

This R.O.EYE blog post has more information on the solution, including how to implement it, as well as samples of it in action. Because R.O.EYE has created this tool, eBay are unable to offer support for it, however, there is a support email address provided by R.O.EYE, should you need any assistance.

So make sure that you’re signed up to the relevant eBay Partner Network programmes for the territories you want to promote, otherwise you won’t get paid for the traffic you drive to these sites. Then get the code from R.O.EYE, drop it into your site, and start making extra revenue!

James Skelland, Technical solutions Manager, R.O.EYE