New Tool ID for Multiple API calls – 10034

A few months ago, we asked you why you don’t always use the correct tool id in your eBay Partner Network tracking links, especially when using the API. The tool id is important for publishers so they can know which tools are performing best and for the EPN team so that we can optimize them. Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback – it was incredibly useful. The main point raised was that many of you use multiple API calls to retrieve listing data, but currently there is only a tool id for each individual call and therefore many of you use the Link Generator tool id instead to get round this issue. Therefore, we have added a new tool id for those of you that are using multiple API calls, which is 10034. If you are using multiple API calls in your campaigns, you can now insert this tool id into your EPN links, as you can see in the example below. destination URL

Thanks again for your initial feedback.

Julia The eBay Partner Network Team