Shift into High Gear with NEW eBay Motors Affiliate Tools

With summer just around the corner this is the perfect time to start promoting eBay Motors! As enthusiasts start dusting off old classic cars, tuning motorcycles, and tinkering with summer projects, you can capitalize on the growing demand for eBay Motors parts, accessories, and vehicles. This year eBay Partner Network is excited to offer a number of new tools to help you promote these important eBay Motors categories. New Motors Parts and Accessories Deals

You may have noticed that eBay Motors features an area (on the right side of the homepage) where users can find heavily discounted deals. Now you can promote these same deals on your website.

Try using the new eBay Motors Parts & Accessories XML Feed and create your own widget or customized module to feature these great deals.

You can also try out several new banners powered by this feed in your eBay Partner Network Creatives Generator. To find the banners simply enter the Tool ID numbers below or choose the ‘Motors’ category and browse for them.

7115320019255101 eBay Motors Parts & Accessories Feed - 160x600 7115320019255102 eBay Motors Parts & Accessories Feed - 300x250 7115320019255103 eBay Motors Parts & Accessories Feed - 728x90


Improved eBay Motors Widgets

The eBay Motors Quick Finder is available at eBay Partner Network under tools>widgets. Functionality on this widget has now been expanded, allowing you to pre-populate its search fields with make, zip code, or keyword. You can also customize colors, add your own logo, and more.


The eBay Motors Vehicles & Parts Widget is a new customizable banner that is not yet available in the eBay Partner Network interface. Bookmark this link and use the configuration page to customize size, category, and default values with make, model, year, zip code, and keyword. Give it a spin!


Other Promotion Options

  • Use the Custom Banner and limit products to specific eBay Motors Parts, Accessories, or Vehicles by keyword or category.
  • Customize an RSS feed with Category ID of eBay Motors (6000), and then use Widgetbox to create a custom widget.
  • The very best integrations are created by publishers and built to suit their needs using the eBay API at the eBay Developer Site. You may want to consider joining the eBay Developer Conference on June 8-10 next month in San Jose to learn the best practices in using these APIs.

As you use these tools be sure to segment new implementations with different campaign IDs to optimize and measure the resulting CPC. Finally, don’t forget to check your category reports to determine which specific motors subcategories perform best, and adjust your promotions accordingly. Thanks for promoting the eBay Motors ‘Vehicles’ and ‘Parts and Accessories’ categories, and be sure to have FUN this summer!

Kevin Schwery / eBay Partner Network