Celebrate the ‘Toy Story 3’ release by promoting the eBay Disney Store

Now you can promote merchandise alongside the release of one of the most anticipated children’s movies of the summer. June 18th will be the debut of ‘Toy Story 3’ by Disney and Pixar films. Coordinated with this date, eBay has worked directly with Disney to stock their eBay store with ‘Toy Story’ inventory. This includes items in the following categories: toys, apparel, home & décor, and collectibles. Prices range from $149.95 for a programmable Buzz Lightyear Figure to $1.99 for a Disney ‘Toy Story’ bowl. As part of the promotion, the banner below will appear in all searches in the Disney store, and a small flash widget will display ‘Toy Story 3’ items for sale, through the end of June.

Promotion Ideas

Toy Story_2

Good luck and Happy Promoting! The eBay Partner Network Team