Class is in Session – Prepping for Back to School

The extended daylight hours should make summer seem longer, but the season always seems to pass by too quickly, especially for students who are more interested in the beach than books. But before we know it, the yellow busses will again be scooping up the neighborhood children to bring them together for reading, writing, arithmetic and recess. Parents and teachers are already counting down the days until the morning bell rings, and you can capitalize on this by tying in to some of the most sought after back-to-school items for sale on eBay and Of course, there are the basics that every student needs to succeed, such as pencils, pens, notebooks and markers. But the older students can’t survive without a laptop and a printer to help them write all those pesky term papers. And because all students need a way to safely transport their homework assignments from home to class, boys’ and girls’ bags and backpacks are hot sellers right now.

Choosing an outfit for the first day back to school is almost as important as figuring out where to sit in the lunchroom. Parents are searching eBay for clothing by popular retailers and designers like Gap, Ralph Lauren, Gymboree, Abercrombie & Fitch and Justice to make sure their little learners are dressed for success.

Parents aren’t the only ones turning to eBay for great deals; teachers are searching the site to simplify their supply shopping while stretching their paycheck further. Teaching supplies and resources are a hot category, with elementary educators looking for math, reading and phonics items and wholesale and bulk lots of books.

Textbook sales are beginning to pick up with the college crowd. Savvy students know the bookstore isn’t the only place to find the items on the professor’s required reading list. And it’s not just economics students who are scouring and eBay for textbooks – biology, chemistry, physics and anatomy students are searching the site for their educational tomes.

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Good luck with your Back to School Promotions!

eBay Partner Network Team