Introducing Chatting with eBay Partner Network - a New Video Series

Hi All, We've decided to try a new form of communication with you, our affiliate partners - video. This is the first in a series of videocasts we'll be releasing over the next few weeks, to give you a chance to get to know the team here at eBay Partner Network. We'll be discussing what's happening here at eBay, what it's like to work for ePN, industry trends and other things that pop up along the way. We'll also be giving you a chance to help us shape future content. We'd love to hear your thoughts along the way (constructive, please!) so that we can improve on this as we go. And, of course, we hope you enjoy them as much as we've been enjoying working on them.

By the way, the case study I reference in this video can be downloaded here:

Thanks and enjoy! Chad