New eBay Partner Network Features Available on July 26th

We’ve heard your feedback about our tools and our reporting and we are pleased to announce that on Monday, July 26th, we will be rolling out a a major Custom Banner upgrade, a new EPC Download Report, and an enhancement to the Transaction Download report: Custom Banner Enhancements
We have expanded Custom Banner capabilities to better meet your needs. Here are the new features that will be available soon:

  • Custom Banner will continue to offer Flash integration but will now provide new HTML templates with the following options:

    • Show the badges for Top-Rated Seller, Free Shipping, PayPal, Buy It Now
    • The image-and-text format you are used to will be available but we will also introduce a text-only version
  • Contextual targeting available for eBay DE, eBay AT, and eBay CH programs.
  • Ability to filter for Free Shipping and Top-Rated Seller.
  • Multiple keyword and category search: you can now search across several keywords and eBay categories, or select the “Use Popular Search” option.
  • Store custom themes: once you’ve chosen the ideal color and font for your Custom Banner you’ll be able to save them and reuse in future banners.
  • Improved performance for a quicker display of the Flash version of Custom Banner.

Enhancements to your reports

  • A new EPC Download Report: The EPC Download Report allows all publishers who are on Quality Click Pricing to download their daily EPC at a campaign level for each program. This report will only include information for campaigns that had click activity for the date(s) selected.
  • Transaction Download Report: The format of the transaction download report will not change, but we will modify how we populate two columns. For eBay programs, the “eBay Quantity Sold”, and “eBay Total Sale Amount” columns will be blank when an adjustment is being reported to a transaction. These columns will not be impacted when the transaction is included in the transaction download report for the first time.

We continue to listen to your suggestions and enhance eBay Partner Network, the tools at your disposal, and the reports so as to give you the best possible conditions to promote eBay. Please continue to give us your opinion.

The eBay Partner Network Team