4 Ways To Add Value For Your Readers; They'll Return The Favor

Our partner, SHEfinds.com has shared insightful information with us on how to better engage your target market. Whether your site is focused on clothing, shoes and accessories, or any other category, you are sure to pick up tips in this post that will help you to connect with your visitors through your site, blog and social media outlets. 1. Answer the right question What would you want to find if you were searching for "best bras?" We at SHEfinds think you'd probably want a curated list of expert-approved bras; that's what we've accomplished with our Best Bras guide, which consistently drives search traffic and engagement.

What readers get: A positive search experience What you get: Conversions; new users

2. Enter relevant conversations If you're a guru of some sort - we're fashion experts - search for Twitter conversations where you can be helpful. SHEfinds editors help Tweeters figure out what to wear. If you're a home improvement expert, help a frustrated Tweeter hang a photo or fix his leaky faucet.

What readers get: Information they asked for What you get: Brand engagement

3. Offer free stuff Giving in to rampant giveaway posts can dilute your core content, but offering free stuff to your readers can certainly boost traffic and engagement.

Find a product that's relevant to your audience - that home improvement guru might choose a screwdriver set or hardware store gift card - and publicize the freebie in every outlet you have access to. If there's real value in the prize, new targeted users will find your website and interact with your content.

What readers get: Free stuff! What you get: New users 4. Find them deals If you're blogging about anything commerce-related, readers are always enthusiastic about a sale or deal. eBay is one great way to price-compare and scope out savings for your users; on SHEfinds, we also scan our favorite branded retailers frequently for special savings and coupon codes.

What readers get: Money-saving deals What you get: Conversions

Thank you SHEfinds for this useful information that is sure to help other site owners grow their businesses!

The eBay Partner Network Team