R.O.EYE Develop International eBay Category Tree Resource

Here at R.O.EYE we have been listening to publisher feedback and requests for additional assistance and resources. One of the most popular requests has been a downloadable resource for international eBay category IDs and I’ll explain why… One of the best ways to optimize your custom banner or API integration is to apply category ID filters. This helps to ensure that only the most relevant results are returned.

Pretty straightforward if you are only receiving traffic from one country, however if you are geo-targeting to multiple countries, you will find that the category IDs are not the same in each country. This makes optimizing your custom banner or API integration using category filters more time intensive, especially when you add in the complexities of different languages.

This R.O.EYE blog post has more information on a time saving solution, as well as a sample of what it looks like. Because R.O.EYE created this tool, eBay is unable to offer support for it, however there is a support email address provided by R.O.EYE should you need any assistance.

Finally, make sure that you’re signed up to the relevant eBay Partner Network programs for the territories you want to promote, otherwise you won’t get paid for the traffic you drive to these sites.

Alex Harvey, Technical Solutions Executive at R.O.EYE