Tips for Clicks in Fashion

Even the most fanatical of fashion enthusiasts love a great deal. But for most, it’s the thrill of finding that one item which makes them feel confidently chic, that ultimately drives a purchase. That’s where eBay comes in. With its ever-changing collection of clothing, shoes and accessories ranging from one-of-a-kind vintage steals to top-branded basics, eBay offers every shopper a place to find something that fits their personal style.

To drive high performance with eBay Fashion banners, entice your visitors not only with great deals, but with content that says your site is in-the-know about what’s trending and more importantly, how to find it on eBay.

Here’s how:

  • Surround eBay Fashion creative with relevant content about style tips and trends
  • Entice the reader to click-through
  • Lure them in with the promise of unique and unexpected fashion finds (i.e. high-quality, good brands, a special piece)

Select (or request) high quality photos of items that are in style or covetable, unique items (that ugly Christmas sweater doesn’t go here).

Five Fall Fashion Trends

  1. Faux fur: Whether it’s for staying warm or making a statement, everyone is sporting bits of fur this fall. Women are wearing fur on everything from fur-trimmed hoodies to full-on fur vests.
  2. Animal print: If you don’t get enough animal-inspired flair from faux fur, it won’t be hard to get your animal on another way with animal prints showing up on flats, belts, even trench coats. Pump up your everyday look with a pair of leopard print heels.
  3. 60’s: AMC’s show, Mad Men, not only spurred a flurry of NetFlix rentals, but also launched a round of 60’s inspired dresses. Pencil skirts with tailored, cropped jackets and round full skirts nipped at the waist bring back a sweet femininity that contrasts with the simultaneous emergence of men’s inspired styles.
  4. Menswear: Speaking of menswear, there’s a whole new crop of women’s wear inspired by men’s wardrobes: Collared button-downs and lace-up Oxfords are huge this fall.
  5. Military: You’ll find structured jackets, buttons and buckles in military neutrals all over stores in designer and mass brand corners. Discover great vintage finds for this look as well.

How to Promote eBay Fashion

There are a variety of ways to boost your revenue by promoting Fall’s hottest fashions on eBay:

  • Search by Clothing, Shoes & Accessories in the “Category” drop-down menu in the Creatives Generator and select from a variety of static and dynamic banners.
  • Use the Link Generator Tool with the Custom URL or Item ID options to link directly to fashion items.
  • Utilize the Fashion Data Feed in the Tools section of your Dashboard. If you do not have access to our data feeds, send an e-mail to with a request.

To keeping the world fashion forward, The eBay Partner Network Team