Chatting with eBay Partner Network - Episode 13

Many of you have provided constructive feedback into what you’d like to learn more about through our eBay Partner Network video series, and one suggestion we heard is that you’re interested in specific strategies to help increase payouts. In this episode, we introduce you to World of Good, a specialized eBay global marketplace that is directed toward the sale and education of items that are certified to make a positive impact on people, the planet, animals and/or a non-profit organization. eBay Partner Network director Chad Wehrmaker speaks with Siddharth Sanghvi, general manager of World of Good, to provide insight into the growing popularity of fair trade and ethically sourced products. As Siddharth explains, it’s more than a small niche movement, as 33 percent of Americans fall under the website’s target demographic. There are a large number of consumers who are interested in sustainable products, and World of Good offers a way to focus your efforts by directing traffic to eBay in a targeted manner.

As Chad mentioned, you can access World of Good creatives from the eBay Partner Network portal, and more will be released later this year.

Thanks for tuning in! The eBay Partner Network Team