Love is in the Air

Valentine’s Day is an excuse to celebrate all kinds of love, whether it’s romantic, platonic or just a passion for online shopping. The holiday for sweethearts is celebrated on February 14th, and no one wants to be caught unprepared. Listings, bids and sales for Valentine’s Day items on eBay started to climb January 1st, as shoppers boxed up the winter holiday items and started thinking about pink hearts and red roses. Shoppers are eager to find gifts and décor to brighten the gray winter months, and you can make the search easier by steering Cupid’s arrows in the right direction. Darling Décor eBay has an abundance of festive décor for every holiday, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Shoppers will find fun home décor and accents for every room of the house, from romantic floral arrangements to love-inducing posters and prints to aromatic candles to set the mood. Holiday collectibles are also hot, especially newer and vintage cards and retro collectibles that remind longtime lovers of their first Valentine’s Day together.

Paper Hearts For those who would rather show their love by creating gifts and décor with their own two (or four) hands, eBay offers plenty of crafting supplies. Fittingly festive holiday paper and embellishments for scrapbooking or homemade cards are top sellers, and sewing and fabric projects and provisions are also popular.

Gifts for Him and Her Valentine’s Day is a gift-giving occasion in many households. Appropriate gifts range from the traditional box of chocolates and flowers to pricier options like fine or fashion jewelry. ‘Tis the season for love and Feb. 14 is a popular date for marriage proposals, so those seeking jewelry might even be interested in diamond rings. Although women typically make out better than men in the Valentine’s gift department, it’d be nice to reciprocate with a good-looking watch or that must-have gadget he has had his eye on.

Date Night Sales and searches for experiences have become more popular on eBay, and Valentine’s Day is good excuse for those in love to spend time together. For couples looking to connect over dinner and a movie without spending an arm and a leg, gift cards for both can be found on the site, often for great prices. Those who are seeking something more extravagant can pack their bags and embark upon a romantic getaway with a hotel booking or a vacation package.

Now is the perfect time to switch things up and tug on the heartstrings of Valentine’s Day shoppers. By promoting relevant holiday items, you’ve got to love that you’ll be more likely to generate additional income for yourself while adding value for your site’s visitors.

Happy promoting! And remember… eBay Partner Network loves you!