Support eBay Giving Works in 2011

Did you know that eBay raises $68 for charity every single minute of every single day? Help us make this number even larger by promoting eBay Giving Works as an affiliate. How It Works eBay community members can give through eBay Giving Works in a number of ways:

  • eBay Give@Checkout allows buyers to donate $1, $2, $5 $10 or $25 to a non-profit of their choice with just one click whenever they make a purchase on eBay.
  • eBay Sellers can donate anywhere between 10%-100% of their item’s final sale price to any non-profit organization certified for the program. When sellers create a listing with eBay Giving Works and that item sells, eBay will credit the insertion and final value fees back to them, equal to the percentage of the final selling price that they chose to donate.
  • eBay Buyers can search for and purchase eBay Giving Works items, which are identified in search results by a blue and yellow ribbon.
  • Non-Profit Organizations can receive donations and also sell their own goods for free to raise funds on eBay.
  • Anyone can make direct donations to their favorite non-profit through eBay Giving Works with no requirement to buy or sell on eBay. Donations can start at $1 and all it takes is a PayPal account.

eBay Giving Works At Work Here are some of the inspiring statistics of eBay Giving Works:

  • Since August 2008 buyers have donated more than $7.5 million through Give@Checkout in the US and UK (as of April 2010).
  • Nearly 1.5 million people have used eBay Giving Works and eBay for Charity to support their favorite causes (as of April 2010).
  • Every minute, more than $68 is raised for good causes on eBay and a donation is made every 24 seconds.
  • Nearly 500,000 unique eBay listings support a non-profit through eBay Giving works on any given day.
  • More than 250,000 sellers have supported 22,000+ charities since inception.
  • Eight U.S. non-profits have raised more than $1 million with eBay Giving Works (as of April 2010).

How to Promote eBay Giving Works In order to create eBay Partner Network links that will track to your publisher account, please use the Link Generator Tool with the Custom URL or Seller ID options.

Let’s make 2011 a great year together! The eBay Partner Network Team