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Why Consumers Choose eBay for Smartphones

While the majority of smartphones are purchased through specific carriers under contracts, buying a used or new phone on eBay is an excellent alternative for many consumers. Thee reasons one would buy a phone on eBay over the carrier are:

1. eBay potentially has the most smartphone models available anywhere in the world, at some of the lowest prices too.

2. For those weary of signing long term contracts, some carriers offer monthly plans if the customer already has a phone locked to that specific carrier. eBay's marketplace likely has listings for phones from every carrier in existence, making eBay an easy solution for these customers.

3. If a subscriber loses or damages their phone before they can renew their contract to receive a discount on a replacement, eBay becomes the best option to a find a phone tied to that carrier.

The eBay Partner Network Publisher Advantage

As smartphone adoption and daily use grows at an exponential rate, sites and communities catering to this niche have found unique ways to pair their users with complementary advertising from eBay. To get an idea of what others are doing, here are just a handful of innovative examples we'd like to share; Mobile Burn, PhoneDog, GSM Arena, Phandroid, Cell Phones etc.

The icing on the cake for these publishers comes this month and next, as we are offering a hefty bonus for growth in the electronics vertical. This promotion is also open to new publishers in our network, so now is one of the best times ever to test eBay integrations.

HTML Custom Banner

Many publishers are finding success with the newer html version of the custom banner. The example being used to the right of this post is the 120 x 600, which is set to display eBay listings with the keywords Sprint HTC 4G in the smartphone category(3312). By utilizing specific keywords from pages titles or blog tags, it becomes possible to deploy the custom banner across thousands of pages on a site and have it surface listings relevant to each specific page. It's also easy just to create a few simple examples and add them to your site as a test. The html custom banner even works well in wordpress pages and posts (like this one).

New Product Based Experience

If you've seen the new product based experience with GPS units and MP3 Players, there are similar product pages for mobile phones available too. These new catalog pages are performing well and some publishers have started utilizing the FindProducts API to retrieve these. However, this specific API call doesn't return affiliate links, so here's a quick example of how to put it all together.

Instant Cash Promotion

Recently, eBay took their position in this market even further and launched an instant sale promotion offering up instant cash for used iPhones & Android handsets. This offer rivals similar trade-in and buy-back programs from Verizon and Best Buy, but as seen in the comparison, the instant cash amounts offered by eBay are much higher. eBay Instant Sale users can now lock in a $200 guaranteed price on any functional iPhone 3GS, Motorola Droid X, HTC Evo 4G and Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant smartphone models. Customers can also receive a minimum of $200 and up to $450 for the AT&T iPhone 4 during the eBay Instant Sale promotion.

This is a huge opportunity for those who are considering the Verizon iPhone, or would just like to upgrade their current phone. Some publishers like Wireless Advisor are promoting this offer to their communities as well.

Upcoming Devices

When it comes to the newest and most anticipated devices, eBay is the go to marketplace for early adopter enthusiasts who are willing to pay top dollar. Many of eBay's electronics sellers also ship worldwide, so product releases limited to specific countries can be purchased by almost anyone in the world. With the upcoming release of devices such as the Motorola Xoom, iPad 2 & Blackberry Playbook, publishers should be planning on how to best capitalize on these products, especially during their initial launch. We've had quite a few publishers take advantage of these opportunities in the past, and this trend continues to grow.

To Your Continued Success

- eBay Partner Network Team

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