Chatting with eBay Partner Network - Episode 14

In this episode, Chad Wehrmaker, Director, eBay Partner Network, provides insight into the what, why and how of the Network Quality team and the steps the team members take to maintain the quality of the eBay Partner Network. This is one area that we receive a lot of questions about, and Chad demystifies the process by explaining how we leverage a combination of analytics, technology and manual effort to determine which affiliates are providing the highest quality traffic to sellers, and which are falling short. Chad also offers tips for improving your chances of remaining on board as an affiliate if the Network Quality team contacts you.


The Network Quality process is in place to ensure that we are driving the highest quality traffic to our sellers, while rewarding our best affiliates for their efforts. As Chad mentioned, if you’ve been contacted by the team and feel strongly about an appeal, please contact us at

Thanks for tuning in! The eBay Partner Network Team