New RSS Feed Generator Available Soon!

We are upgrading our RSS Feed Generator to take advantage of eBay’s latest search technology. On April 18th, we will start offering the upgraded RSS Feed Generator in the ePN portal and it will have a new format and Tool ID for the RSS feed URL. The existing RSS Feed Generator will no longer be available in the ePN portal after April 17th. However, your existing RSS feed URL’s will continue to be supported until June 30th. We do recommend that you switch to the new RSS Feed Generator to be sure you’re getting more relevant results in your RSS feed.

In addition to more relevant search results, the new RSS Feed Generator will allow you to filter the listings in your RSS feed for eBay’s Top Rated Sellers and exclude particular Categories from your results, if needed.

To find the RSS Generator, login to your ePN account, click on Tools > Widgets > RSS Feed Generator, or click here.

-The eBay Partner Network Team