Tell Us More About Your Websites!

epn website Many of you of you use multiple websites to drive traffic to eBay and we want to give you the opportunity to tell us more about them. Starting today, you can let us know which business model and category best describe each of your websites. If we know more about your websites we can better inform you about special events, bonus promotions, tools and eBay news.

Please visit the ‘Domains’ section of the ePN portal to manage information about your websites. This page can be reached by logging in to your ePN account, clicking on the ‘Account’ tab, then clicking on the ‘Domains’ link:

From here you can:

• Add or remove domains (individually or via a file upload) • Assign a business model and category to each domain • Learn more about domain validation • Learn more about special business model approval

Please note that some business models require additional approval. If you are selecting one of these business models, you will be prompted to submit an application for each applicable domain. To find out if your business model requires additional approval, click here.

You’ll also notice that the Business Model you provided in your Business Information is no longer available. This is being replaced with the business model for each domain.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to let us know more about your websites!

-The eBay Partner Network Team