The Mother of All Holiday Promotions

MERC-MothersDayLP_Q211-EditorialMain-661x220 The day to show love to the woman who brought you into this world is right around the corner – May 8th marks the annual day for children of all ages to shower affection and love upon their matriarchs during Mother’s Day.

Although celebrated worldwide on various dates throughout the months of March, April and May, the second Sunday in May is the most commonly observed date for the annual holiday, with families in the United States, China, Australia, Canada and Germany taking part in festivities.

Last year, demand for mom-related items started climbing in mid-April, gaining momentum before peaking the weekend before the big day. You can help online gift seekers by directing them to eBay to find items that will help them achieve their goal of securing the title of World’s Best Child. From greeting cards to dream vacations, your visitors can score the perfect present for Mom while you score extra revenue for getting them there.

Traditionally Speaking

Every present begins with a well-crafted greeting card. Whether it’s pre-printed or homemade, a card with a meaningful message will capture a mother’s heart every time. The most common greeting card accompaniments – flowers and chocolate – are so popular because not even Supermom can resist the lure of fragrant flora and tasty treats. Sons and daughters can put a unique twist on the duo by seeking items like flower bulbs or chocolate molds.

Pictures Worth 1,000 Words

Nothing is more precious to a mother than the memories she has experienced with her family. Offspring can make past experiences shine even brighter with a with a photo frame, album or scrapbook pieces for the craftier moms, while electronics like digital cameras and video cameras help mother dearest capture the memories yet to be made.

Luxe for Less

All that glitters is a good choice for mom. Jewelry listings and bids typically spike right before Mother’s Day, as kids (and spouses) know that necklaces, bracelets and earrings are guaranteed to put a twinkle in mom’s eye. Other posh presents include DIY spa days or bath and body treatments to renew and refresh. And for the mother who deserves it all (and whose mom doesn’t?), check out eBay’s getaway vacation packages.

Mothers Day 728x90

Help your visitors remember dear old Mom by highlighting these suggestions and others that would make for good Mother’s Day gifts. You can grab the creative shown here as well as additional elements by logging into the Publisher Portal HERE.