Help Us Stay Positive and On-Topic

One of my favorite things about the blog here at eBay Partner Network is the enthusiastic and passionate comments that you all submit. Sure, the majority of them keep me on my toes, but many of them also add depth and insight to the stories we publish here each week.

My goal here is to make sure the content on this blog is helpful and relevant to our broad spectrum of publishers. That means making sure that comments stay true to the content of the actual post they are placed within.

To make sure the train stays on the track, so to speak, we wanted to add clarity to our policy around the types of comments deemed appropriate to a post. For example, if we post a video about our Daily Deals program on our blog, we’ll only be publishing and responding to comments that have to do with the corresponding video or the Daily Deals program in general.

If you have a topic you’d like to discuss or a general question about something in our program that is not covered on the blog, we recommend that you head over to our forums and post your query there. If you have an issue unique to your account, please contact Customer Service. As a policy, we do not discuss individual publishers’ campaign specific questions either on this blog or on the discussion boards.

Let’s be clear – this is not our way of censoring your input or viewpoint, this is about keeping the conversations on our blog relevant for our general readership. We place tremendous value on our partnership with you and we value your participation here. We hope that this will make the blog a more useful tool for everyone going forward.

If you have questions, please let us know.