Driving Revenue with eBay Motors

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Famous Rhodes, director of eBay Motors, to get his take on the new features that can help affiliates make the most out of the Internet’s largest marketplace for buying and selling all things automotive. We wanted to follow that up with a quick lap around the site to get you up to speed on the many opportunities for affiliates.

With about 55,000 cars and trucks, 6,700 motorcycles, 2,600 boats and a mind-boggling 18 million parts and accessories for all types of vehicles, the site is growing every day, attracting a large audience of global buyers.

So how can you generate additional revenue by promoting eBay Motors to your audience? Let’s get to know the resources available so you feel comfortable steering your guests to the site.

Cars and Trucks

From new to used (or “pre-owned,” if you’d like to adopt the dealership euphemism), Acura to Volkswagen, eBay Motors was built upon its vast selection of cars and trucks.  Buyers can search by zip code for nearby vehicles, and can also browse local classifieds.

Do you run an environmental site? Try promoting alternative fuel vehicles. Mommy bloggers might want to highlight family-friendly minivans or SUVs, while luxury sites can focus on convertibles or the wildly popular collector car section.

Motorcycles and Boats

These two categories are especially hot in the summer months, when buyers dream about the freedom of speeding down an open road on a classic Harley. We have seen strong growth in the motorcycle category, coinciding with the rise in gas prices. The new buyers in the market have also driven demand for parts and accessories such as helmets and jackets.

However, others prefer to speed on water, throwing wake behind the helm of a sleek motorboat. Other active warm weather vehicles on the site include RVs and campers, personal watercrafts like Jet Skis, golf carts and even dune buggies. If your site is more appealing to snow bunnies, don’t fret – we’ve got you covered with snowmobiles.

Parts and Accessories

This category has exploded in recent years, as buyers look for great deals on replacement parts and accessories for all kinds of vehicles. In fact, according to Forrester/Jupiter research, eBay represents 45 to 50 percent of all online automotive part sales.

Literally anything you can think of for an automobile, boat, motorcycle or other specialty vehicles can be found on the site – even including wholesale lots, manuals, apparel, tools and services. The parts and accessories section offers a great opportunity for enterprising affiliates, as it is the most visited category within eBay Motors.

Though your site content might not be specifically geared toward motor vehicles, most households have at least one vehicle, so many of your visitors could be buyers if you can find a relevant way to introduce Motors listings within your site. If you’ve found a creative way to integrate eBay Motors items into your non-auto site, let us know – we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!