Getting Started with Google Plus

A new social network sprouts up seemingly every day. It’s understood that we can’t chase every new gadget or app that’s covered on Techcrunch, but things get a little more blurred when giants like Google throw their pieces onto the social media game board – we’re sort of forced to stand up and take notice. That said, is it worth rolling the dice on Google+ and investing precious time and resources or should you wait and see how things flesh out first?

For those that would like to take a closer look under the hood of Google+, Chris Brogan put together this great “getting started” overview featuring some interesting ways you can use it to broaden your communications and social media reach.

Obviously Google+ is still in its infancy and getting an invite to use the service can still be a challenge. I was able to score one last week and started playing with it a bit. My initial reaction is that it’s cut more from the cloth of Facebook than Twitter. And while I like many of the communication channels and groupings it allows you to set up, I’m not sure that I could find daily use for it, but I could certainly be proved wrong. I do think they’ll need to allow a larger user base into the system if Google+ is going to mature into anything other than an echo chamber of early adopters.

One thing to keep in mind – this is a Google product so you have to bet that this will have a huge impact in their search results down the road. Will the utilization of Google+ on a larger corporate scale garner better SERP results for your brand and your business? Right now that is the most compelling reason for me to use Google+.

What about you - are you using Google+ yet? What are your initial reactions? Can you see a way to integrate this into your business and increase your eBay Partner Network earnings? We’d love your feedback in the comments.

NOTE: Please remember that it is against our terms of service to drive traffic directly to eBay from Google+ or any social media account. Instead, the desired lead path is to migrate users from your social media channels to your website and complete the click to eBay from your domain. This approach not only keeps things within our TOS, it also has a better chance of building a long-term supporter of your brand.