Half.com Ramps Up For Back to School

The Back to School Shopping Season has started and Half.com would like to announce two BIG coupons! We’d also like to highlight our improved check out process and a better Half.com API.


  • 12% off Anything on Half.com.  Min Order $50.  Max Discount $40.  Limited time coupon. Enter BTSAF12 at checkout
  • 15% off Anything on Half.com New Users only. Min Order $50.  Max Discount $40.  Limited time coupon. Enter BTSAF15 at checkout


1. Affiliate Coupon Enhancement Flow

What is the new incentive enhancement on the affiliate buying flows?

This will enable affiliates to redirect buyers to Half.com’s checkout cart page with Half.com specific incentives embedded in the cart automatically. This should prove very helpful with the launch of the above coupons and should improve conversion rates.

Why is this helpful to buyers?

This will eliminate cut-n-pasting of incentive codes across websites and help convert buyers quickly.

Can you provide me with the example URL?

We have enhanced the addItem cart command to include incentives (along with items):-


When will this feature go live?

It went live in June and is ready to go!

2. HalfFinding Service

What are the benefits of the new HalfFinding service?

The findHalfProducts service currently returns only 5 items per item condition.  Given a specific product identifier (like ISBN), the new HalfFindingService will enable buyers to quickly browse through item inventory (up to 1,500 items) in a paginated manner.  The service will also provide the ability to filter items by condition, seller, price range and shipping service.

When can I start using this new service?

The service is now live.  Seller, Price Range & Shipping filters launched at the end of June.

You can get more information HERE. If you’d like to start using this API you can sign up for a developer account on eBay HERE.

Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments and we’ll do our best to get you an answer quickly.