Chatting with eBay Partner Network: Robert Chatwani Looks Ahead

We spend a lot of time thinking about our guests on the Chatting with ePN video series. Our goal is to provide you with useful information across a wide variety of relevant topics, with a range of experts from inside eBay’s walls. We think today’s episode is pretty special.

Ivka Adam had the chance to sit down with Robert Chatwani, Head of Internet Marketing for eBay, to chat about his storied career and what he’s excited about in the coming months at eBay.

Robert’s been at eBay eight years in a range of product and marketing roles. Most recently, Robert led eBay’s Corporate Citizenship and Social Ventures program.


“eBay Partner Network is one of the core pillars of our demand generation strategy. It’s particularly compelling because it’s the one part of our business where we can enable and allow third party affiliates, publishers and developers to drive innovation on our behalf and on their behalf.”


“This is a really exciting time to be in e-commerce, whether you’re within the walls of eBay or if you are a publisher. Looking out several years, what we see is a phenomenal, radical shift in how consumers are spending their time online and how consumers are connected – specifically the convergence of mobile, social and local are really the underpinnings of a shift in consumer behavior.”

Robert is obviously extremely passionate about his work at eBay and the future of programs like eBay Partner Network. We hope you enjoy watching Robert and Ivka’s chat.