Chatting with eBay Partner Network: Vikram Singh Gets Us Up to Speed on

This week Ivka Adam is sitting down with Vikram Singh, General Manager of, to talk about why now is a great time for publishers to be working with Vikram has been at eBay for six and a half years with a stint at corporate before moving over to PayPal. Recently, he was offered the General Manager position at and found the opportunity too exciting to pass up. According to Vikram, caters heavily to people 18-24 years of age - mainly students that are interested in getting textbooks at the lowest prices. He says that Back to School season makes up the bulk of Half’s business.

As you may have seen here on our blog, have released some pretty aggressive coupons with savings from 12-15%. Additionally, they’ve recently rolled out their rentals program for those shoppers that don’t want to pay a heftier purchase price for textbooks. Keep in mind that publishers can use both the coupon and rental initiatives to earn revenue through the affiliate program. Finally, Vikram talks about the new API. He says it makes it much easier for affiliates to search for products on

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