Getting Started with the Renting API

Last week we announced rentals on Since then several of you have requested API documentation through blog comments and forums posts.  In response, we have a few things that should help you get started.

First, start here:  It will allow you to return specific items based on listing type (specify rental) allowing you to pull in applicable values (e.g. the 125-day rental price, the 90-day rental price, the 30-day rental price, etc.)

If you want to view the actual text from the URL:


(in) Return items based on the listing type. Valid values are: FixedPrice and Rental

sortBy SortByType Optional Specifies the sort conditions for the returned items. The default is 125 days for Rental Items and the itemPrice for FixedPrice items.

sortBy.sortOn SortOnType Optional The field on which the response entries are sorted.

Applicable values:

•   FixedPrice

(in) Sort on the Fixed Price of the item.

•   RentalPrice125Days

(in) Sort on the 125 day rental price of the item.

•   RentalPrice30Days

(in) Sort on the 30 day rental price of the item.

•   RentalPrice45Days

(in) Sort on the 45 day rental price of the item.

•   RentalPrice60Days

(in) Sort on the 60 day rental price of the item.

•   RentalPrice90Days

(in) Sort on the 90 day rental price of the item.

If you have further questions about this documentation, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll do our best to provide the answer.