Behind the Scenes with eBay’s Fall Consumer Campaign

Last week eBay’s chief corporate blogger, Richard Brewer-Hay, gave us a sneak peak behind the curtain as we put the finishing touches on our Fall consumer campaign (we also covered it on our blog). He wrote two blog posts over at eBay Ink. The first was an interview with Deirdre Findley, Sr. Director of Consumer Marketing, about what sets this campaign apart from others - you can watch it HERE. The second post peeled back a few more layers and took RBH all the way to Venables Bell & Partners to uncover how this creative vision came to fruition.

At eBay Partner Network, we’re especially excited about this push because it leans so heavily on the promise of Mobile. As you know, ePN has been working tirelessly on that dream for many months and recently launched our own ePN Mobile program. Raising the stakes even further, eBay Inc. is projecting mobile revenue somewhere in the $4 billion range for 2011. Mobile has definitely arrived in a big way!

Maybe you’re wondering why we’re giving so much attention to this latest integrated marketing campaign. How does this affect your business? Well, for starters this campaign raises eBay’s overall profile in the marketplace. That means heightened awareness for your users when they see eBay creative on your site. Second, it will hopefully spark some insight into how you could be thinking about marketing your brand in a new and unique way. eBay is clearly driving home the “buy anywhere” philosophy with its new “when it’s on your mind, it’s on eBay” tagline. How can this approach create new opportunities for you? How can you leverage eBay’s fall campaign to drive more revenue from your site? We’d love to get your thoughts in the comments below.