ePN Mobile is Here!

After many months planning and building behind the scenes, we’re excited to finally announce the arrival of ePN Mobile! As you can imagine, our team is incredibly excited to help you get your mobile initiatives out of the starting gate and around the track. Before we continue, let’s review...

As you may recall from our pre-announcement on August 22nd, we’ve updated our policies and have rolled out a new Network Agreement and Code of Conduct. Please take some time to read and understand how they affect your business. You may also remember that we asked you to register all of your domains with us. This requirement is very important and dictates whether or not you receive payment for traffic that occurs on a mobile device. Please ensure this crucial step has been completed.

A couple of reminders:

We understand that you probably have lots of questions around this rollout. We’ve compiled some helpful information below to help get you started – including a screenshot of what the report graph will look like, instructions on how to retrieve your reports and some answers to the most frequently asked questions you’ve raised thus far.

1. Where and how will I be able to see the mobile traffic that I’m driving?

There are a couple of ways to see your mobile traffic and they’re nothing new.  We simply added mobile traffic to reports you’re already using.

  • Go to the Reports Tab >> Run Report and select “Mobile Traffic” for Traffic Type.  You’ll see your daily report and graph just like you’re used to seeing with your classic traffic.

  • Go to the Reports tab >> Download Reports and run a Transaction Download Report.  This report now has a column marked “Traffic Type” that indicates whether your traffic is mobile or classic.  Please note that we’ve also added a column for “Item Name.”  This doesn’t have anything to do with mobile specifically, but we know it’s something you’ve been asking for.

2. What does ePN classify as web and mobile traffic?

We define traffic type based on the device.  Web or “classic” traffic is defined as traffic which occurs on a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile traffic is traffic that occurs on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

3. How will ePN track my mobile traffic clicks, purchases and other activity?

We will continue to use a 7-day, browser-based cookie to track on mobile, just like we do for classic traffic.

4. What commission model applies to mobile traffic?

The same payment structure that you’re currently on for classic traffic is also applicable to mobile traffic.

5. I don’t have a mobile site, can I still get compensated for mobile traffic?

Yes, publishers do not need a mobile website to drive mobile traffic. When your website is accessed on a mobile device the traffic will be detected and reported as mobile traffic.

Moving Forward

We want to encourage you to ask questions in the discussion board or here in the blog comments. Our team will be monitoring both places very closely and jumping in to respond when necessary. We look forward to starting this exciting journey into Mobile with all of you!