Discovering the Power of

Some of you may have noticed that the domain doesn't exist anymore. Fear not, we haven't eliminated our developer program. On the contrary, we've expanded it and rolled into a powerful new platform called

"We’re fans of what you do, and we want to help you do more—faster and with greater efficiency. We know you want to build great commerce solutions to help merchants compete, while growing your own business. And we know it’s you who’ll help shape the future of commerce by breaking down barriers and making multi-channel commerce a reality.

With this in mind, we’ve built an open commerce platform and just released the first set of end-to-end products and capabilities. This means you now have access to the powerful and fast-growing capabilities across eBay Inc.– starting with PayPal, eBay, and Magento – as well as those from other contributors, all in one open standard environment."

Let's make sure we update those bookmarks to and start harnessing the power of this incredible platform. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.