ePN TV: Julia Barrett Talks Holiday Promotions

This week Julia Barrett, ePN’s Head of North America, kicks off our brand new season of eBay Partner Network TV with some great tips around promoting for the Holidays.

First up, banners! Check out the Publisher Portal for some great seasonal creatives that we think buyers are going to love. (NOTE: Creative may not be available until November 15th. Thanks for your patience)

Next, we’ve been working with the Daily Deals team to gather a great collection of items that we’re hoping our niche publishers can help us promote.

Finally, you may have seen our blog posts earlier this week outlining the performance-based Holiday Promotions for Europe and the United States. We hope you’ll take some time and check out the details. Then, start sending us some traffic!

If you have questions or can think of other ways to promote eBay this holiday season, we hope you’ll share them in the comments.