Reflecting on Steve Jobs

It’s taken me the better part of a day to really process the loss of Steve Jobs. On a personal note, I consider myself to be one of the millions of the Apple Faithful. I am almost never without my iPhone, iPad or my MacBook Pro. I also own an AppleTV, an iPod and an iMac and use them daily. But the thing that resonated with me today is what Steve Jobs and Apple have meant to my career. Before moving professionally into blogging and social media marketing, I was a podcaster. Apple products literally made my career path over the last six years possible. Remarkably, eBay’s Chief Blogger and good friend, Richard Bewer-Hay, drew the same parallel with his own career over at eBay Ink.

Steve’s vision has made quite a lot possible on the eBay Partner Network front as well. Over the last few months we’ve been hammering home the importance of Mobile and what that will mean to your business and revenue growth in the coming months and years. Steve Jobs, more than anyone, is responsible for igniting this mobile revolution. iPads and iPhones are the driving force behind so much of the mobile commerce we’re seeing in the industry today. We can only imagine what Steve left us in the Apple pipeline that we’ll see emerge in the coming years.

So, for all of us here at ePN, I want to say thank you, Steve. Thank you for pushing the limits of where our imaginations could go. Thank you for sharing your often imitated, never duplicated, blend of culture, technology and consumerism into everything you touched. You’ve made the world a more interesting place and made it possible for people all over the world to “think different.”

If you’d like to share your thoughts on Steve’s legacy or his passing, please do so in the comments below.