Welcome to ePN TV

Many of you are probably familiar with our “Chatting with ePN” video series. We’ve been doing it since May of 2010 and have produced more than 40 segments to date. This week we’re announcing some changes to the series.

First, we’ve gone with the simpler more fitting name: eBay Partner Network TV or ePN TV for short. We wanted the show to be about more than formal conversations that take place on the eBay campus. Though we’ll continue to include those great talks, we wanted to broaden the scope to also include conference coverage, industry trends, product demos, Publisher Stories, news and more informal updates.

Second, to highlight the broader feel and convey a sense of creating inspired content from anywhere, we re-did the show opening to include a more scrapbook feel. Sometimes freshening up the graphics and changing the music makes all the difference in re-energizing a production. We hope you’ll dig it.

Finally, we’ve done something that some of you have been asking for since we started: bloopers. Every time we shoot a season of the show there are inevitably funny moments that you never get to see. Well, no more. At the end of every segment we’re going to try and include a blooper from that episode’s taping. We actually have pretty good senses of humor here at ePN and we hope that comes out in some of these outtakes.

We’ll debut the first episode of the latest season tomorrow. It’s a short video of Julia Barrett, ePN’s Head of North America, talking about some inspired ways to get prepped for the Holiday Season. We hope you’ll tune in and let us know what you think.