Custom Banner Enhancements Coming November 17th

We wanted to let you know that we’ve heard your feedback on Custom Banner and we’ve made some enhancements that will provide a more engaging and rewarding site experience for your users. These changes will become available November 17th.

We’ve also listened to your feedback regarding our Flash Custom Banners – they look great, but take longer to load than HTML. We’ve come up with some features we hope will address this issue, as well as a few new options:

  • Scrolling HTML looks like Flash but provides improved performance, faster load time and an enhanced user experience. You can now scroll through listed items on the banner.

  • More Banner Options
    • 300 x 250 is a now a standard size for websites optimized for Mobile display.
    • 125 X 125 and 120 X 90 are now optimized to show the largest possible image size to help your users make an informed decision before clicking through. Even better, when you mouse-over the banner it rotates between image and text!
  • Improved Layouts to display larger images and/or more listings in non-custom sizes.

To take advantage of the new custom banner styling, go ahead and check out the ePN Portal under Tools > Widgets > Custom Banner.

Additionally, we want Custom Banner to work well across multiple countries, which is why we’ve made a few enhancements which will allow the display of currency and distance to be more relevant across countries:

  • Currency Display Localization –10,221.19 in US dollars will be displayed as 10.221,19 for European Programs in local currencies.
  • Distance Display Localization – Distance will now be displayed in kilometers instead of miles where applicable for European Programs.

If you’re already using Custom Banner, these additions will happen automatically. You won’t have to make any changes to see these improvements. Please check your existing instances of Custom Banner to confirm. Should you experience any issues, please regenerate your code with the correct distance or currency.

As a reminder "Quirks Mode" can affect your Custom Banner integration. You can read more HERE.

If you have any questions or feedback about any of the features listed above, or about Custom Banner in general, please feel free to leave a constructive comment below.