ePN TV: A Look Back at BlogWorld Los Angeles

Last week the eBay Partner Network Team attended the inaugural BlogWorld Expo in Los Angeles. While the event has been taking place for years in Las Vegas, this was the first time the organizers had set their sights on Southern California. I was worried that the event would lack the energy and passion that previous events offered, but I’m happy to say that the entrepreneurial blogging spirit was alive and well in Downtown LA.

This was the first time that ePN had exhibited in a long time at a tradeshow and I think we were all a little unsure about what to expect. Would bloggers talk to us? Would they care that we were there? Would it be a good fit? Fortunately, the answer to all of those questions was a resounding “YES!” Traffic was steady throughout our two-day stint. Most bloggers had a solid grip on content creation and community building, but were struggling with the monetization side of running their business. It turns out that ePN may be just what lots of them need.

What’s the Industry Talking About?

Industry trends are a funny thing – it can be hard to keep up with the seemingly endless cycle of buzzwords and “hot topics.” Conferences can be a great barometer on what the rest of the industry is focused on, and what they’ll care about in the coming months. At BlogWorld, like most other internet-related events, Mobile is on most people’s minds. The attendees I spoke with were not only interested in the best way to create content for a mobile audience, but how to monetize it as well. I’m happy to say that ePN is firmly out-front in that area.

Staying Connected to our Publishers

Finally, we got to meet with several of our current publishers at BlogWorld. Of particular interest to me was hanging out with Jack and Mary.

Jack Anthony was our BlogWorld contest winner. In addition to spending time with him on the Expo floor and at our ePN Happy Hour, we got to shoot an interview with him for a future Publisher Stories segment.

Mary Hall is better known as The Recessionista. She blogs about staying fashionable during a time of financial belt-tightening. She also attended our Happy Hour and filmed a segment with us for an upcoming Publisher Stories segment.

Thank you to all of the cool people that stopped by our booth to chat. Whether you were an existing affiliate or were looking to potentially become a new one, we really enjoyed seeing your passion for what you do. For those that want to get a sense of what others are saying about BlogWorld, you can check out this conference aggregator setup by BO.LT. We look forward to seeing at a future event!