Buy and Rent Textbooks at at Low Prices

For most of us the next few weeks will be filled with holiday shopping, festivities and time spent with family and friends as we celebrate a very merry time of year. However, if you’re a student, you may already be thinking about next semester and the books you’re going to need to purchase for your classes. What better time to launch our latest promotion?

You may remember that we announced several product improvements and a corresponding Back to School promotion this past Fall. Here are the details for our Spring semester promotion, running December 15th through February 15th:

ALL Shoppers

  • 10% off books on Minimum order of $50. Maximum discount of $20. Limited time offer.
  • Coupon Code: BTS10E

NEW Shoppers Only

  • 12% off books on Minimum order of $50. Maximum discount of $20. Limited time offer.
  • Coupon Code: BTS12N

Note: Please enter the relevant coupon code into your Custom ID field when building your textlink to within the Publisher Portal Link Generator. This will help us track this campaign in more detail so that we are able to offer more like this in the future!

This also applies to textbook rentals, which is a great way to save on student expenses.  Also, remind your non-student users that this is a great opportunity for them to grab a few new reads in the event they didn’t get that eReader they asked for this holiday season.

If you’d like more information on, it may be helpful to check out this video we did with Vikram Singh, General Manager at, about their offerings. Keep in mind this video was produced last fall and contains some information about our Fall promotion rather than the details of our current event.

We’re excited about this opportunity to promote and hope that you’ll take advantage of these great coupon codes. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.