ePN TV: Julia Barrett Talks Goats and ePN Mobile

We try to keep things interesting when brainstorming concepts for ePN TV. This week would certainly fall into that category. Would you believe that our own Julia Barrett managed to tie her search for the perfect stuffed goat head to the continuous expansion of ePN’s mobile program? Believe it.

“Just as I normally do in any kind of antiques store, I immediately thought ‘I can probably find this goat head, if not a better goat head, on eBay and I bet you it will be half the price’.” Barrett continues, “My challenge to you, the developer community, is to help buyers like me connect with sellers – sellers of goat heads. Help me as a buyer find that goat head and help grandma list that goat head that’s in her garage.”

We understand that ePN Mobile was announced several months back, but we wanted to keep the subject fresh in your mind as you ponder your killer app. Julia’s goat head recommendation engine is only one idea in a sea of thousands that could add real value to the eBay shopping experience.

What will you dream up?