ePN TV: Publisher Stories: Jack Anthony

If you’ve been following our blog over the last few months you may have stumbled across our new series called “Publisher Stories.” These profiles are meant to highlight some of the amazing publishers that we get to work with here at eBay Partner Network. To date, all of our features have been blog posts written by publishers in their own words. Today we’re trying out the first video in the series with Jack Anthony.

I first met Jack in Los Angeles last month at BlogWorld. During that trip I got a chance to hang out with him and got to know a little bit about what makes him tick.

After spending time with Jack, I can tell you firsthand how passionate he is about music. Affiliate marketing has given him a unique opportunity to make a comfortable living with sites like Netbook Cave while still having lots of time to focus on his career as a musician. After spending the last hour listening to snippets from his new album, “Cue the Clouds,” I can’t say enough about Jack's talent. And that’s the amazing thing about so many of our publishers – being an online marketer has a allowed many of you to provide for yourselves and your families, while still having enough time to nurture your others passions.

If you’re attending Affiliate Summit West in January, I hope you’ll take the time to seek out Jack. I also hope you’ll check out his new record – I’m predicting it will spend lots of time in heavy rotation on my iPod during my holiday travels. Thanks to Jack for taking time to be part of our Publisher Stories series and share his enthusiasm about affiliate marketing and music with us!