ePN TV: Using Video at eBay Partner Network

In early November I was interviewed by my old friend Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff at BlogWorld LA about eBay’s adoption of online video. While I can’t speak for eBay Inc., I can tell you that video has become an integral part of ePN’s communication strategy over the last 18 months.

In addition to being a more personal form of communication, video allows us to communicate in a richer, more visually compelling way than a written post. It’s also added some much-needed personality to our channel by allowing our publishers to get to know some of the fine people that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make ePN possible.

I thank Mark and all the good folks over at .TV for taking the time to chat with me about a subject I’m so passionate about. If you have questions or would like to chime in on, say, the shininess of my bald head, please feel free to do so in the comments.